Ordinary Community Members

We are a group of community members in Mitchells Plain who saw an opportunity in creating a movement of small-scale farmers to enhance our communities' access to food.

Learning Together

We co-create learning journeys where we share our learnings as we go. We learn and teach together. We listen deeply to each other, treat each other with respect and always speak with kindness.

A Key to Food Security

As small-scale farmers, we grow vegetables of high quality and sell it to local markets. We therefore are able to feed ourselves, our community and generate meaningful income.


How we make the magic happen

Gardening picture identify farmer

1. Identify

We find people who have a keen committment to learning how to become small-scale farmers. They become members of Kronendal Block Gardening Group.

2. Train

We conduct online and in-person training. The in-person training sessions happen in Kronendal Block. We have a monthly in-person training.

3. Mentor and Coach

Those who show promise and are dedicated, we provide mentoring and coaching at an individual level. This could include hands-on assistance at the aspiring small-scalle farmers garden.

4. Food Security

We partner with various marketplaces around Cape Town to sell the veggies grown. What percentage of our produce we sell and keep is totally up to each small-scall farmer.


In the news, testimonials and partners

In the News


We rely on key partners to enable our small-scale farmers to earn a living.

Keen to begin your journey of veggie gardening? Join us!
Outside of the Kronendal Block? Join us anyway!

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